Travel vaccinations and Yellow Fever immunisation

If you are travelling abroad it is important that you obtain early advice on vaccination and health issues.

Ensure you check the travel advice for your intended location on the smart traveller website prior to booking your trip. It is recommended not to travel to areas that are declared high risk or designated as 'do not travel' areas.

We are able to thoroughly assess your needs according to your travel itinerary.

When To See Us?

Before You Travel …

  • Some vaccinations require a course over weeks to months so contact us at least six to eight weeks before departure.

  • Travellers overseas have up to a 50% chance of suffering travel-related illness.

  • Reduce your risk of illness with a medical check-up and personalize advice to best protect your health overseas

  • Vaccinations may be considered necessary for protection against diseases you may encounter, for routine health measures or as legal requirements for entry into some countries

  • Your doctor will need to know the countries to be visited, length of stay in each country, time of the year in each country (season), type of accommodation (major hotel or tent) and type of travel (bus tour or backpack) and intended activities (animals, hiking, visiting caves or farms)

  • Please bring a copy of your itinerary to the consult as well as any previous immunisation records to make the most out of your consult

  • It is especially important that children, pregnant women and those with medical problems have a consult prior to travel

Check list prior to departure:

  • Medical check-up at least 6 weeks prior to travel - a long appointment will be required

  • Vaccinations and medications up to date

  • Travel letter including your health summary and if you are taking any medications with you

  • Pack medical kit - this can be organised with scripts through the clinic and a list of things to have handy

  • Dental check up

  • Optometric check up

  • Passport and visas up to date

  • Register with smart traveller website prior to your travel

  • Travel insurance (including emergency evacuation cover)

  • Travellers cheques, credit cards

Leave copy of itinerary with responsible person

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