Q Fever Vaccination

Testing and vaccination available now!
What is Q Fever?

Q Fever is an illness caused by bacteria called Coxiella burnetii which can be caught by humans via direct or indirect contact with infected animals or animal products. Infected animals do not show any symptoms or get sick.

Who is at risk?

People at increased risk of Q fever infection include:

  • Anyone exposed to cattle, camels, sheep, goats and kangaroos (or their products)

  • Farmers (even hobby farmers!)

  • Abattoir workers

  • Stockyard workers

  • Shearers

  • Livestock transporters

  • Tanning and hide workers

  • Veterinarians, their staff and students

  • Professional dog and cat breeders and handlers

  • Wildlife and zoo workers

  • Laboratory personnel handling veterinary specimens

  • Visitors to the above categories

How is Q Fever prevented?
  • Vaccination is recommended for those at risk and are eligible for vaccination

  • Wash your hands and arms thoroughly in soapy water after handling animals

  • Keep yard facilities for sheep and cattle well away from domestic living areas

  • Properly dispose of animal tissues

How do I get tested and vaccinated?
  • Q fever testing and vaccination requires 2 long (30 minute) appointments 7 days apart with one of our registered Q Fever doctors. These services are NOT covered by Medicare and private fees apply for all patients.

  • At the first appointment, you will be skin tested to assess eligibility for vaccination. Cost $137 for consultation, $30 for skin test. 

  • You will also require a blood test after the first consultation. The fee for this is $41 and will be billed by Melbourne Pathology.

  • At the second appointment, the skin test and blood test results will be interpreted and vaccination prescription provided if appropriate. Cost $129 for consultation.

  • Q Fever vaccine can be purchased from Priceline Pharmacy ~ Gisborne

  • Forms will be submitted by your GP after vaccination to the Australian Q Fever Registry. You will then be issued with a Q Fever vaccination certificate by the Registry.

  • Please ensure that you are available to attend for BOTH appointments within the 7 day period. If the follow up appointment is missed, the skin test will need to be re-administered.

Q Fever Doctors

  • Dr Pritinesh Singh